Hi, I'm Matteo!

Developing software has always been my passion, so I dedicate all of myself to every project I create


GML, VisualBasic, C++, C, Java, C#, PHP, Pascal, JavaScript, ASM x86

Videogames dev

GameMaker Studio 1, VirtualReality, scene design, particles, 2D-3D physics, Steamworks developer

Unity 3D expert

Advanced Unity 3D C# knowledge (since 2012)

Web Design and WordPress

Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, extensions for Firefox/Chrome


Android Java developer (since 2013)

Java Plugins Developer

Expert Spigot/Bukkit Java developer (since 2014)

3D artist

Blender, 3Ds Max, Sketchup, materials, scenes creator, rendering, shaders


Fl Studio and Audacity

Video editing

Vegas Pro 14


Some of my projects


What customers my say about me

ItemsAdder (MC 1.14+)

Plugin that allows you to create items, blocks, ores, wings, tails, backpacks, hats, food, tools, swords, guns... WITH CUSTOM TEXTURE / 3DMODEL without installing any mod in your Minecraft server!

NewItems (MC 1.9 - 1.13.2)

Create items, blocks, food, hats with custom texture/3D model - WITHOUT ANY MODS! No Forge

⚡ ServerBooster ⚡

Optimize your server reducing drop entities, show hologram on drops, reduce entities lag and more!

Epic Backpacks

Are you tired of all bugged, not maintained and not working Backpacks plugins? Just use mine

Real DualWield

Allows you to attack with both swords for real! With animation! NO MODS and NO Resourcepack!

Advanced Bank

Perfect bank system for RPG and roleplay servers


Drops money when you kill mobs or players, break blocks, fish with CUSTOM TEXTURE, NO MODS, NO FORGE


Detect almost any hacked client without heavy checks or gameplay breaking checks

More ...

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Other software

Some of my other softwares

Synthwave Dream '85

Neons, extreme speed, drifting, arcade scoreboard: everything an '80s stereotypes lover needs

NightSchool (concept)

Concept for an opeworld PC retro themed horror videogame


Some of the companies I've worked with

IT'S Informatica & Comunicazione

C# .NET, PHP, JS and Android developer

I worked with this company as a programmer from 2017 to 2020

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